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Super 1 Foods in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas!

We are thrilled to announce that Super 1 Foods (a division of Brookshire Grocery Company of Tyler, TX) is now carrying all four flavors of ChickenStixx E-Z Drumz®. Try some today!


Now Available in ACME Markets!


SoCal - The next wave of E-Z Drumz rolls out

Albertsons, Vons and select Pavilions stores now have Cracked Pepper & Garlic and Chipotle E-Z Drumz®. Fully cooked and full of flavor...try a bag of each today!

Jewel Osco in Chicago has E-Z Drumz® in Rotisserie and Jerk Chicken flavors.

In the deli sections and on wing bars, you'll find other ChickenStixx products selling at Publix, Shaws, Acme, and Star Market.



The hottest new product from the creators of ChickenStixx.......E-Z DRUMZ®. They're gonna rock your world!