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The Invention

We’ve been thinking about chicken drumsticks for a long time, longer than most of us would like to admit. Over 15 years ago, we were looking for a way to make the drumstick more customer friendly, more appealing on the plate, and more versatile. For the most part, they were only being used for fried chicken in foodservice.

We messed around with cutting them different ways. By cutting off the top hock and trimming the thigh end, we had a product that could stand on the plate, allowing chefs to use them in different ways. We’ve been experimenting ever since.

While working for a meat & seafood purveyor in the Philadelphia area in the late 80’s and 90’s, the idea of trimming all those drums seemed too labor intensive, so the idea never got off the ground. Besides, no restaurants really wanted all those drumsticks anyway.

Fast forward to 2012. Times have changed, restaurant concepts have evolved, and diners crave new and inventive menu items. More than 3 billion pounds of wings were sold last year, and casual menus are dominating. To be successful, you can’t just offer more of the same. Today’s consumer has spoken by the way they spend their dining dollars and casual, fun, creative eateries are winning.

We’re a group of lifelong food guys with a lot of restaurant and foodservice experience who recognize there is a place on almost any menu for quality and creativity, especially when it’s cost effective, satisfies customers, and generates profit.

The drumstick is simply the juiciest, most flavorful, underutilized section of the chicken. Now that we received our patent on the ChickenStixx designs, we’re about to change that last one!

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